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Our website is particularly attentive to the needs of our customers.We use cookies to provide you with personalized service and relevant services and offers.WHAT IS A COOKIE?A cookie is a piece of information stored on your device by the server of the website you are visiting. It contains several data elements: the name of the server that stored it, an identifier in the form of a unique number, possibly an expiration date, etc.This information is sometimes stored on your computer in a simple text file that a server can access to read and store information.WHAT IS THE ROLE OF COOKIES?Cookies play an essential role in the operation of the site web. Their main goal is to improve your browsing experience on the site.Some cookies memorize your preferences and certain information relating to your browsing activity on our site (page views, etc.). For example, it is thanks to cookies that the web remembers your shopping cart so you can shop online.

The cookies issued by our company are used in particular to improve the presentation of the site and the information concerning the products offered (thus aiming to make this information more relevant according to the preferences expressed by the user). Cookies also allow us to better adapt and personalize our offers.We use several types of cookies:Cookies strictly necessary for browsing the site.Cookies that allow you to identify yourself and therefore to access your account, your basket, etc.Cookies that memorize windows or other elements that open on the site and which you have already consulted during a previous visit. Cookies which allow us to adapt the presentation of the site to the preferences of the device for display. Cookies which allow us to establish visitor statistics.Cookies that allow us to evaluate the general use of the site by Internet users.Cookies that allow us to provideoffers related to the centers of interest of Internet users. Advertising cookies may be placed on your device in order to identify your centers of interest through the products consulted on our site and to collect navigation data in order to personalize the advertising sent to you (more relevant and adapted) by our partners outside our website. It is thanks to cookies that we can also offer you a selection of appropriate products and services. Other cookies are issued by third parties. Safari: Mozilla Firefox: Edge: Opera: