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“A unique vision of beauty”

At Talika, each product is a living being that has a purpose and a destiny. Born from a love story between a researcher and the mysteries of nature that he explores and seeks to decipher, each creation is the culmination of innovation and curiosity.  

Where Our Journey Begins

Where Our Journey Begins

Where our journey began

Our roots go back to World War II when a Parisian nurse, Danielle Roches, formulated a herbal balm to treat victims suffering from eye burns amid pharmaceutical shortages. The side effects were amazing – beyond healing his patients' burns, his herbal healing cream dramatically boosted the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Danielle Roches must have shared this wonderful discovery with other women. In 1948, it marketed the first eyelash care product, LA CRÊME DE LA POUSSE DES CILS.

Thus began Talika's destiny.


With results as natural as they are amazing, Talika's innovation spread to Paris and established itself as a pioneering product and, whenAlexis de Brosses inherited the brand in 1994, this pioneering spirit has continued. His first step was to return to the original formula with the intention of modernizing it and the result was the first gel to stimulate eyelash enhancement - The Lipocils.

With this brand new product, Talika sets out to conquer Japan, the beginnings of a true international success story. This effort has extended to making the products available in over 60 countries and ensuring that the Talika name is synonymous with eye care expertise around the world.

The Innovation Continues

A fervent explorer, Alexis de Brosses regularly travels the globe in search of ancestral rituals and innovative know-how capable of revolutionizing the world of beauty. Armed with these discoveries, we combine advanced technologies and centuries-old traditions to design targeted treatments and new beauty rituals that will then release their benefits on the cells of the dermis. This global vision of cosmetic products is the secret that allows Talika to always be one step ahead in terms of innovation.

"Bringing together biotechnology, herbal medicine, NASA discoveries and ancient secrets is the best way to make women's and men's eyes shine.

Alexis de Brosses


As a tribute to our roots, we continue to develop eye care that is as effective and natural as possible, from sparse eyelashes and eyebrows to dark circles and fine lines under the eyes.

Eye expertise

Our range includes lash and brow enhancement formulas that contain our Mythical Botanical Complex, eye patches that infuse the delicate skin under the eyes with nutrients, and even 2-in-1 makeup and skincare products that deliver natural enhancement with instant impact.

Skin care

Always with the same desire to use natural and nourishing ingredients, we have treatments for the face, neck and décolleté that promise to fit effortlessly into any routine so that each user can have their own slice. of Parisian beauty.

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