More than a story, a destiny


It all starts during the Second World War. Faced with the shortages affecting the pharmaceutical industry, Danielle Roches, nurse in the ophthalmological service of the Hospitals of Paris, formulates a balm based on restorative plants to treat injured people with burns to the eyes. She then noticed a breathtaking side effect: in addition to healing her patients' burns, her herbal cream stimulated the growth of their eyelashes and eyebrows in a spectacular way.


This marvelous discovery, Danielle Roches had to share it with women. In 1948, she marketed Talika's first eyelash growth treatment, LA CRÈME POUSSE DES CILS. This is the beginning of the TALIKA adventure.

Feeling like she had to share this discovery with other women, Danielle Roches marketed the first EYELASH CONDITIONING CREAM. And so, the TALIKA revolution began among Parisian women.


Since its creation, TALIKA has established itself as a pioneering brand. A destiny that she still pursues today. Since the succession of the brand in 1994.


Alexis de Brosses continues to lead TALIKA on the path of innovation, guided by an intact desire to imagine products that exist nowhere else and revolutionize the lives of women. In 1994, the first act of this inspired researcher was to revisit the formula of LA CRÈME POUSSE DES CILS and to modernize its galenic. In doing so, it gave birth to TALIKA's first eyelash growth gel: LIPOCILS. With this innovative product, TALIKA is setting out to conquer Japan, the first step in a real international success story. Today, the brand is distributed in more than 60 countries and its name is synonymous with eye care expert all over the world.


Since then, TALIKA has continued to shake up the world of cosmetics. A pioneering brand with its famous GENIUS LIGHT device, which combines light therapy and electrostimulation, TALIKA is inspired this time by powerful NASA technology to offer innovative treatments. Range of face care, eye patches used by many celebrities, TALIKA continues its cosmetic epic always one step ahead.